Some people may know nothing about quinceanera, even these in America. However, to others, quinceanerad is really an important moment. It is not only the 15th or 16th brithday, but also marks the transition from girl to women. So you might know how important the celebration is now.


This time last year, a kind group of police officers makes a family's wish come true. And yes, the wish is to give the little girl an unqiue quinceanera. Officer from the Los Angeles Police Department Central Area held the party for the family where the mother had terminal brain cancer. 


Some children had the dream of travelling over the world, or meeting their loved ones maybe idol or else. But the girl just wanted an unforgetable quinceanera, maybe because she wants to show her best look before her mother left her. However, it really indicates the rival role of that transition. 


Here are some beautiful quinceanera dresses similar to the one she wore. If anyone of you like these styles, please let me know below at the comments. I would be more than happy to know that.