A girl with beautiful dresses comes into my mind when anyone mentions quinceanera. However, this thought is changed after this morning.


I searched online to find some quinceanera dresses as usual. Why I said as usual? It is not because my 15th birthday is coming but I am a fashion addict. I love all kinds of beautiful dresses including quinceanera dresses, prom dresses and even wedding dresses. I spend about an hour a day on reading news about these things or looking for beautiful dresses and then adding to my cart. It is an enjoyment.


Then today, I find the interesting news of one dog’s quinceanera celebration. The author’s friend have two Chihuahuas and one named Jesusita have celebrated its quinceanera at its 15. Jesusita has its beautiful lace quinceanera dresses and one cake. This happened several years ago. I did not know if Jesusita still lives in this world. But I do believe she has had a great time at her day. Maybe that’s her best moment before leaving the world. Quinceanera is always a happy moment for us.


As you can see Jesusita’s dress is amazing. Then what about our quinceanera dresses?


I have told you that I love quinceanera dresses, right? Here are some affordable ones I have kept.




All the dresses are in ball gown silhouette. I think the princess look is amazing. We can be the most beautiful one at our important moment.