Quinceanera is one of the most important celebration in many countries because it is the tradition to celebrate a girl’s fifteenth birthday party with full pomp and glory. And at that day, it marks the transition of the girl from teen to young womanhood.


Then do you know what Quinceanera is?  It is a combination of the Spanish words- quince, which means “fifteen” and the other word “anos” which means years. It is one of the most meaningful event that happens to any fifteen-year-old girl. This celebration traditionally marks a girl’s change to a women with responsibility. That usual birthday party is aimed to tell the world that she is mature enough and ready for marriage. Besides that, it is also celebrated to give thanks to God for all his blessings. At the celebration, the girl’s parents and godparents may feel pretty proud. That day, every one will wear a big smile, from inside.


The celebration normally begins with a thanksgiving mass in church, to give thanks for a completed childhood.  Then the godparents will bestow the birthday girl with lavish gifts and jewelry which accentuates her beautiful dress. The Quinceanera dress have to be a full length ball gown but in pastel or bold colors of her choice. 


Around the birthday girl, there will be 14 male and female attendants and escorts, called damas and chambelanes to represent the previous 14 year of life.



The Quinceanera dress is the birthday girl’s first formal adult attire. So although the dress is only worn for a day, a good choice of a comfortable dress is crucial. A dress that will look good on her, with matching colors to her skin and which will flatter her body. Pink is the traditional color of a Quinceanera dress but fashion has evolved and the colors now worn are more bold and extravagant. So, for those who are planning for an elaborate ‘Fifteenth Year’ or a ‘Sweet Sixteen’ birthday bash, do scroll down to check it for your dream dress.

So. which one do you like for your Quinceanera?